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As I headed back down the stairs, Adi (Adi Parashakti) spoke up in consciousness telling me that we should go ahead and connect with him — as his daughter had requested.

Then, of course, I agreed.

As soon as I got back to my place I sat quietly at the altar and looked at pictures of Douglass, Bonnie and some of his grandchildren. For over a year I had performed daily puja and, in part, invoked blessings and good health for all of them.

Earlier that day I received a text message that Douglass had passed away.

The next evening I dropped by his daughter’s apartment to pay my respects. She stepped out and spoke and asked if I would connect with him so she could share her love and ask a few questions.

I begged off, — a bit shy for this for some reason — and offered a personal puja instead. She accepted.

But, Adi had the better idea — as usual.

I do have this communion ability and, while in subtle/light form (and with Adi’s Grace), have connected with many great beings of wholeness and higher realms and also friends who have passed away — usually, as in this case, residing at the 3rd realm, Swar-loka — a temporary paradise from which one is reborn to continue on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

I remember Fred R floating above his body in the ICU after a serious stroke and heart attack — that would have led to many months of rehabilitation and likely a disabled life. And then, returning the next morning to make sure that he wanted to drop the body and remove life-support — which he did. I communicated this to his caregiver and the family made that decision. Afterwards, I connected with Fred at Swar-loka where he was in bliss and very happy with his decision and the impending new life! There are related stories for friends Ron K and David V — both also at Swar-loka.

— -

We connected (my voice and Adi in silent presence) to Douglass White quite easily. He was with his brother at Swar loka!

I identified myself and told him that his daughter would be with us in a moment — to connect with him — bring him some love and ask a question or two. Which she did. He was delighted! A great experience for us all.

At one point I mentioned the importance of devotion even on a scholarly or intellectual path. This devotion could be to an enlightened teacher or possibly devotion to God or Goddess but always a loving devotion by heart.

The ‘Yoga of Knowledge’ is a very difficult path that may lead one to rebirth rather than ascension to higher immortal realms.

— -

Shankara was a great scholar but it is reported that he was also very devoted to Mother Divine!

Also, Paul the Apostle mentions the third realm in 2 Corinthians 12:2.

— -

All blessings to Douglas White and condolences to his family and friends,

He was truly a brilliant man in his last life. And, now with a soul filled with Light, he is ready for the next!



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