Divine Love & Divine Ljght Awakening

Sri Aarondev
1 min readJan 2, 2022


Psilocybin, Ayahuasca & Mash-up Spirituality

A large number of spiritual practitioners, particularly in the West, are secular non-believers and non-religious. Many are creatively ‘mashing up’ their own daily spiritual practice.

Some are beginning to add hallucinogen experience to their practice. Psilocybin is being legalized by some governments.

Please consider foregoing ‘vision quests’ in favour of a beautiful transformative relationship with Devi, the Universal Divine Mother!

Note that ‘mash-up spirituality’ with little to no God, Goddess or Jagadguru relationship –and merely mechanical yoga and meditation techniques can yield mixed results and hallucinogens may become attractive!

Your ‘machinery of perception’ can be damaged by forcing experiences that have not been more naturally developed.

The ability of psilocybin to cause perceptual distortions is linked to its influence on the activity of the prefrontal cortex. Protect your prefrontal cortex by avoiding hallucinogens. The ‘Yoga of Devotion’ practice brings forth the Transcendent allowing the Transcendent to be experienced as “Heart”. Divine Love and Divine Light Awakening are the result. They both unfold naturally.

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