Epigenetics and Family Planning

Read this article from TIME first:

How Previous Sexual Partners Affect Offspring

“Note that there is also a “spiritual-body” epigenetic pathway to how previous sexual partners affect offspring.” — Aarondev

“We have to realize that it’s not just DNA that gets passed on. It opens up the opportunity for all these other pathways that we had excluded.” — Angela Crean, Research fellow, University of Sydney
“Crean says the idea of a female’s previous mates having an effect on their offspring isn’t unheard of. In fact, this very idea, called telegony, was proposed by ancient scholars such as Aristotle but dismissed with the advent of genetics. But new findings of epigenetics — how our behaviours, such as diet, smoking and drinking — can affect our genes and how those changes can be passed on, make the idea of such non-genetic inheritance possible.”


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