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Kashmiri Brahman
Mentioned in Vedic Puranas

JOURNAL: Monday, July 27, 2015

KUTHUMI: “I am Kuthumi. I come in the name of Love. I come in the name of Truth.”

AOJ: “Greetings Kuthumi. Welcome.”

KUTHUMI: “Thank you Aaron of Jesus. We are One. You are embarking on a great adventure. You are well suited for the journey. We are all here to help you. You will need our help. I am also knowledgeable about Vedic Tradition. It is Supreme Knowledge. You are proceeding with Mother Divine, Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, Sister Mary Magdalene — but we are all available and supportive as well.”

AOJ: “Is there some healing taking place?”

KUTHUMI: “Yes. Mother Mary is healing as we speak.”

AOJ: “I was noticing something. How should I address you sir?”

KUTHUMI: “Thank you — just Kuthumi is fine.”

AOJ: “May we pause for a moment please?”
[I was not familiar with Kuthumi and wanted to quickly scan his page on Wikipedia.]

AOJ: “Are you Rishi Koot Hoomi of old?”

KUTHUMI: “Yes. I am known as Rishi Kuthumi.”

AOJ: “Do you prefer that title?”

KUTHUMI: “It does not matter. It is an honorific but not necessary. Even KH is appropriate.”

AOJ: “So you are versed in Veda?”

KUTHUMI: “Yes. I am a lover of Veda as well. What Maharishi and Raja Raam have done is extraordinary. Their work is ‘for the ages’ and will lead to a Vedic renaissance — in time. You are going to be a bridge Aaron — a bridge to this universal knowledge of Ved — but in the context of Bhakti — love of Mother Divine. love of Jesus, Mary and Magdalene. Beautiful. A beautiful mission.”

AOJ: “Thank you Rishi Kuthumi. As you say, it is an adventure.”

KUTHUMI: “Yes. We will speak again. Call on me at any time. Your understanding and love for Vedic knowledge brought me to you this morning.”

AOJ: “Thank you Kuthumi. May I pause once again?” [more Wikipedia :)]

KUTHUMI: “Yes, if you wish.”

AOJ: “Thank you. I will return in a moment or two. Thank you sir.”

AOJ: “Are you friends with Morya?”

KUTHUMI: “Yes, we were neighbors. You are a delight Aaron — easy to laugh. We love this. quality of yours. Yes, not so serious. You will have great success with that friendly, joyous laugh.”

AOJ: “Thank you Rishi Kuthumi. It is an honor to meet you.”

AOJ: “I did not quite understand how you came forth rather than Mother Mary?”

KUTHUMI: “Yes, we do this from time to time. You have had this happen before. Calling forth one, you receive another. It is our way — not a problem. You have adapted.”

KUTHUMI: “Yes, healing is taking place as we speak.”

AOJ: “May I pause again?” [more research]

KUTHUMI: “Yes, of course.”

AOJ: “Rishi Kuthumi?”

KUTHUMI: “Yes, I am here Aaron.”

AOJ: “Your path included long periods of hibernation?”

KUTHUMI: “Yes, under a controlled situation — I did, as you say ‘hibernate’. It is a method to steep oneself — to float in Being — to establish oneself in Being. It is a practice for — obviously for a monk in a monastery — not for the householder.”
[this was truly, extraordinary adeptness; a three-month, uninterrupted Samadhi.]

AOJ: “Thank you Rishi Kuthumi. Please pardon any impertinence.”

KUTHUMI: “No, not at all Aaron. You are beautiful — a beautiful man — a joy. Thank you for asking and taking interest. We are all with you and supportive of you. Yes, you will need to adapt. You already have actually. All will understand and be supportive — Maharishi, Guru Dev and, yes, the Holy Tradition. We are all One. Yes, all for One — One for all — all is One. You are tiring a bit Aaron — time for you to rest for a few minutes. This has been lovely. Now, rest Aaron and nourish. Don’t worry. You will be supported. It is destined.”

AOJ: “Thank you dear Rishi Kuthumi. Thank you for visiting with me. I am honored.”

KUTHUMI: “You are welcome Aaron. Go and live in peace. Call on me at any time. We are brothers in Oneness.”

AOJ: “Thank you Rishi Kuthumi. And, so it is.”

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