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Jesus said, “If you give birth to what is within you, what you have within you will save you. If you don’t have that within you, what you don’t have within you will kill you.”
Jesus Christ, Saying 70: Salvation is Within, The Gospel of Thomas

“And when Christ reminded the people of this fact: “Kingdom of Heaven is within you,” he only meant to them that you have no right to suffer. The sentence, “Light is given in your house” means that you don’t have to continue to remain in darkness anymore. Those who are suffering are not the followers of Christ as far as the teachings of Christ are concerned. We are not concerned with the misinterpretations of the teaching of Christ. And we don’t subscribe to them.

We can subscribe to the original teaching of all religions, and we will find that every great teacher has inspired his followers to live happily here, and ensure happiness hereafter. And it is for successful teaching of his that he is upheld and is guiding the destiny of millions of people even after thousands of years. The teaching is such!

No man belonging to any religion has the right to suffer because every religion says: God is omnipresent, God is within you. You are made in the image of God. You should be able to reflect full Light of God, you should be able to live in the Light of God. And therefore, you have no reason to live in darkness, or in ignorance, or in suffering — absolutely not! But these wonderful teachings all over the world, unfortunately, had been misinterpreted.” — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1969

“To know God, rather than to know about God, is the need of our time. To know God, one must first learn to ‘Be still’. This ‘Experience of Being’ within, is beyond thought or emotion. When ‘Established in Being’ — full devotion to God begins. The purpose of life is daily spiritual practice to know God.” Aaron of Jesus, October 31, 2017\

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