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Sri Aarondev
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Ascension Life News
27 April 2017

Dear ‘Daily Spiritual Practice’ (DSP) Friend

Devata Awakening services improve your DSP by enlivening the Devata and bringing more Divine Light and Divine Love into your life.

This awakening is achieved in a gentle and simple way by making use of our attention, our intention and our sincerity of heart. The idea is to powerfully augment our DSP by receiving divine energy of love and light — once a week or, at minimum, once a month.

Devata Awakening is available worldwide via 90-minute public services given over an advanced international conference telephone call-in system. Skype may also be used ‘by request only’.

Offerings are welcome, but these public services are freely given and always will be. Send to: via Paypal or by mail to Ascension Life, 1702 Rukmapura Park, Suite 35, Vedic City, Iowa 52556

Awaken the primary devata.
Awaken and balance chakra energy.
Awaken and balance subtle-body energy.
Awaken and connect to lokas, planes, realms.
Awaken DNA, “chief and crowning palace of Sri Devi”.

Having facilitated over 100 of these services, I have yet to have even one person not feel much better. The Devata know best and know what can comfortably be achieved for a given person — at a given moment in their evolution.

*DSP — Daily Spiritual Practice is a prerequisite for participating in Devata Awakening services. Daily Spiritual Practice is defined as meditation, yoga, structured prayer or all three.

These services are non-denominational. Devata are universal and primordial aspects of Almighty God. They are present in all human physiology regardless of cultural or wisdom tradition.

All the best,

Devata Awakening
Aaron of Jesus

Josephus, 37 AD, Jerusalem | Ronald “Aaron” Harvey, 1950, Richmond, VA | Aaron of Jesus, 2014, Fairfield, IA (legal name) | Aarondev, 2020, Deva of Manidvipa



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