Two Wives of the Ascended Jesus

Sri Aarondev
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Is it understandable why many religions want to “decouple coupling” and completely separate spirituality? In my view, this is based on fear and not love. In my view, any form of forced celibacy is damaging to the human spirit and evolution. — Aarondev

Subtle-form (light-body) divine intimacy does take place in the higher realms.

There are also monastics who remain celibate in these very same higher realms.

Anandamayi Ma is a former human monastic who now resides at Brahma-loka. Sri Ma connected with me a few days ago — I’m sure for the purpose of reminding me that there are also monastics in all the higher realms.

In 2019, three friends and I drove over from Rishikesh to Her ashram on the outskirts of Haridwar. Just as soon as we settled down and were quietly reverent She began communicating with me in consciousness — telling me what to express to the other visitors — very gracious, loving and fun — a great friend and inspiration to us all. And, by the way, celibate-married while in human form. Quite a story there …

Tantric Chakras That Correspond to the 7 Vedic Worlds/Spheres

[dissolution (pralaya) status at end of Kalpa are also shown]



Brahma-loka — Sahasrara

Tapar-loka — Ajna

Janar-loka — Vishuddha — Abode of the Ascended Jesus — A safe, eternal abode for His enlightened followers to “Come to Him”.

NOTE: It’s interesting that the Higher Heart (thymus gland) or what some refer to as the Sacred Heart is very close to the Throat Chakra (vishuddha). If we draw a horizontal (matter/material) line directly through this area and along the shoulders and, then a vertical (spirit/spiritual) line straight up through this same area, a Cross is created.

MIXED CHARACTER SPHERE (deserted but not destroyed at dissolution)

Mahar-loka — Anahata


3 TRANSITORY SPHERES (consumed by fire at end of Kalpa)

Swar-loka — Manipura

Bhuvar-loka — Svadhishthana

Bhur-loka (Earth) — Muladhara

We are Cosmic Beings. Our chakras also correspond to Cosmic Realms made of Light (glowing bodies and structures). Some realms have many inhabitants, some fewer.


In 2014, the Ascended Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Teresa of Avila helped me adjust to Divine Light Awakening in God Consciousness. This, at their enclave at Janar-loka. Many experiences to someday share …



Shkoder, Albania

5 November 2021




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