Understanding Leshavidya

Sri Aarondev
3 min readOct 5, 2016


Leshavidya comes to us by Divine Intent.

It is divine teaching relevant to physical-form Ascension Consciousness, spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

The teaching itself is universal and primordial, existing prior to language or wisdom tradition.

Some background information is necessary to understand leshavidya.


Divine Mother, in perfect union with Father, is the creator of all that is, was or will ever be. She is continually birthing the Creation, the Universe.

Mother’s creation is one of divine sound, light and vibration. As Albert Einstein points out: “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

What we refer to as “material” or “physical” is, in truth, “energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.”

This energy is intelligent. It has evolutionary intent. It is of divine origin. It displays as diversity. An unseen, unmanifest Unity pervades all diversity. Knowing that Unity, by direct experience, is “to Know”. Not knowing that Unity, by lack of direct experience, is ignorance.

Ancient seers cognized this primordial sound, light and vibration. They cognized primordial divine wisdom. They cognized myriad sound/vibration pairs. They gave voice, speech and language to primordial creation. What resulted is language that reflects an intimate connection between name and form. The form of the name is contained with the name. That language is known as Vedic Sanskrit. It is the language of nature itself. It is the language of Mother Nature.

Over a long period of time and for many reasons, this supreme knowledge had fallen into some decay and misuse. This was the case until the great Vedic Scholar and Seer, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi came and provided remediation in every dimension of Veda and Sanskrit.

The above information is provided as context for the understanding of leshavidya.


Leshavidya is cognized divine wisdom.

Leshavidya is a compound Sanskrit word combining ‘lesh’ and ‘avidya’.

Vidya means ‘correct knowledge’ or ‘clarity’.

Avidya means ‘ignorance’ or ‘misinformation’. Avidya is the opposite of vidya.

Lesh means small portion, littleness, particle or atom.

Leshavidya is understood to mean ‘the remains of ignorance’ or ‘the faint remains of ignorance’.


PERSONAL COMMENT: I have had this leshavidya condition for quite some time. Although not always comfortable, putting a name to it has greatly helped. Thank you Mother.


Leshavidya serves as a reminder of our human-ness — to help us remain humble and empathetic to the human condition. It may be that leshavidya stays with us for as long as we are in the body. It also may clear or lessen over time. We should embrace and see it as a benefit. It is the seed of our own humanity.

Everyone should understand and be aware of leshavidya. If you don’t already experience it, as your enlightenment dawns, you will.


On this day of our Mother, one of the Nine Days of Mother Divine, we thank you Mother for revealing this profound teaching of leshavidya. We send you our eternal love.


Maharishi with his teacher Brahmananda Saraswati and Lord Jesus Christ (Rabbi Yeshua) are rare World Teachers (jagadguru).

World Teachers come to us from time to time. They confer great knowledge, blessing and compassion. They teach more universally and therefore provide knowledge appropriate for all cultures and wisdom traditions.


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